How to start traffic with Premium APIs Instant Reporting and Corporate Payout

Before starting to make Instant Reporting API calls ↓

Before you connect to the Instant Reporting API, make sure that:
  • You have access to Production developer portal
  • Your application is created in Production developer portal and that the Instant Reporting API is connected to the application. 
  • Please check that your company's Open Banking (Corporate Netbank) administrator is aware of that you are planning to start the first call. The Open Banking administrator will authorize access to your company's accounts, using Nordea Codes app. (link to instructions on
When you do the first call

To be able to use and connect to the live API you need to know the following credentials: 

  • Your application's Client ID (available in Developer portal after clicking on the app) 
  • Client Secret (available in Developer portal after clicking on the app)
  • Your company's Corporate Netbank's agreement number (It can be found in the Corporate Netbank user interface.) 
  • Your company's Corporate Netbank administrator's log on ID Check with your company7s Corporate Netbank administrator, if your company has one or several administrators. 
  • Signature using your self-signed certificate 
  • Access Token 

The Access Token must be retrieved using the Corporate Access Authorization API endpoints, please see the access authorization flow documentation for how to do this. 

When making requests; the Client ID, Client Secret; and Access Token are sent in the header of each request. 

Corporate Access Authorization documentation
Instant Reporting documentation


Frequently asked questions
  1. If you get an API response with the error 'unauthorized', it means that some of the credentials are invalid. Please check the credentials listed above. Make sure you do not mix sandbox application credentials with your production application. 
  2. Choose the correct scope parameter - ACCOUNTS BROADBAND'     
  3. If you get an API response with the status 'Pending' — it means that your company's Open Banking administrator has not authorized access to the accounts yet. Please contact your company's administrator.